LDes Playing Cards

  • Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: Gaming
  • Work Done: Branding | Merchandising

Captivating the essence of Diwali through a recreational activity closely associated with the festival brought us to the idea of creating playing cards that incorporated Licious’ colours in their design. As part of our Diwali greeting, therefore, two decks of playing cards were created: Red and Grey, pertaining to the colour on the back of the cards in each deck. However, playing with the Red deck credited you for making a “great choice” while opting for the Grey deck reflected on “life without a bit of colour.”

To buy the set of Red and Grey, contact bachao@licious.design.

Next Level

  • Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: FMCG | Hair Care | Beauty
  • Work Done: Brand identity and creative communications

Our work for Next Level included setting things in motion – quite literally. The logo design for Next Level was conceptualised keeping in mind the notion that this brand is on a constant move from one level of to the next higher level. Hence, the arrows. The dot from which the arrows emerge signifies the beginning of everything. On the visualisation front, a colour palette including lighter shades of blue along with a shade of red and another of grey was introduced.  As part of the brand identity, we also designed a range of stationery for the brand including the visiting card, the letterhead and the envelope.

For the brand’s creative communications, design for posters, standees, leaflets and short videos was undertaken by us.


  • Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: Sports | Apparel
  • Work Done: Apparel Design

At the end of each competitive season, a football club enters a state of transition. A design and digital firm may not have power over the playing part of the changeover, but it does put in a shift to imbibe that fresh whiff of energy that comes ahead of a new season. For us this included the creation of a new jersey for South United Football Club.

The idea behind the fresh outfit was to make the players appear bigger, more dominating and commanding on the field. This was kept in mind while selecting the shape of the shirt, which also included more curves along the edges. A pattern of angled straight lines was selected to compliment the overall shape of the jersey.


  • Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: Sports
  • Work Done: Brand Identity | Brand Architecture | Strategy

Initially, the South United Football Club crest was a mix of red and gold – a symbol that seemed a bit over the top. As we took over, we considered a different aspect to create the logo. Borrowing colours from the parent company, we ended up with the colour orange – something that stood out as a symbol of activeness and energy. Consequently, we began to develop South United’s brand language around the elected colour palette, including black along with lines and hexagonal patterns. Many of these patterns were then incorporated in the club’s official merchandise, mainly the playing kit, but also in brochures, pens and mugs.


  • Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: Hospitality
  • Work Done: Naming | Branding | Strategy

Before we came up with a name for Room 66, it was just that: room number sixty-six. When we took over for its naming and branding, we decided to call it what it was, but in a manner that was more crisp. That’s how we ended up with Room 66. Another idea behind this was to resonate the nomenclature followed in traditional courtrooms.


  • Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: Sports
  • Work Done: Print Design

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  • Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: Sports
  • Work Done: Brand Identity | Brand architecture | Brand Strategy | Graphic Design | Experience | Editorial Design | Space Design

With their designs pulling long faces despite the delightful ideas behind them, HotFut were looking for a complete overhaul in that area. This is how we were given the responsibility of “making HotFut cool again.” To serve this purpose, we captured the vibe that surrounded their work – the cool, lively, action-packed energy – and transformed that into design. The bland designs were now things of the past as we incorporated a secondary colour palette in their graphics, imbuing a playful, sassy edge to an immense possibility of ideas that come with a client like HotFut. The design overhaul was in a way our answer to the life cycle of a phoenix – complete with the part where the bird is reborn from the ashes.


  • Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: Sports | Education
  • Work Done: Editorial Design

When the folks over at the Global Institute of Sports Business decided that aspirants looking for an admission in their sports management programme must be given a neat, little handbook they could flip through at will, we stepped up. The goal was to yield a booklet that would not look too much like a binder of a curriculum. It had to be clean, crisp and, most importantly, simple. It had to be handy. To obtain this, we worked with shades of blue and grey, starting with an extension of the colour palette. A simplistic layout was then formulated keeping in mind that it must remain flexible to make room for any changes and amendments that might come up in the future.