• Project category: DESIGN
  • Project Industry: Sports
  • Work Done: Brand Identity | Brand architecture | Brand Strategy | Graphic Design | Experience | Editorial Design | Space Design

With their designs pulling long faces despite the delightful ideas behind them, HotFut were looking for a complete overhaul in that area. This is how we were given the responsibility of “making HotFut cool again.” To serve this purpose, we captured the vibe that surrounded their work – the cool, lively, action-packed energy – and transformed that into design. The bland designs were now things of the past as we incorporated a secondary colour palette in their graphics, imbuing a playful, sassy edge to an immense possibility of ideas that come with a client like HotFut. The design overhaul was in a way our answer to the life cycle of a phoenix – complete with the part where the bird is reborn from the ashes.