“Write an ‘About Us’ section for our website,” the founders of Licious Designs said. Such a simple task, full of a multitude of possibilities in terms of how these things are written.

I began solemnly, in the fashion of how most agencies describe themselves:

Licious Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary digital marketing firm and design studio based in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai that caters to projects and clients from a multitude of industries including sports and automotive, among others. Our services extend to product, industrial, graphics and environmental design, along with the entire gamut of digital services.

Sober. Crisp.

But then the unicorns came in. And that’s precisely where the trouble began.

These creatures, they were everywhere, at every desk, at each click of the mouse, at each rat-tat-tat of the keyboard.

They left no room around for conventional thinking.

I even suspect, it was the unicorns who trotted in with the idea behind the functioning of this agency.

“Let’s play a game,” they must have said.
“We have clients to do business with,” someone must have replied curtly.
“Ooh, they can play too,” the unicorns must have declared.

And they do play. The clients. This studio of ours, this is how it works. It works when its associates work. This is how it creates all the marvels you see out there.

And like everyone else, I am secretly delighted,  although writing about it has sucked some fun out of it, because this is not how about us sections must be written. This is non-conventional. This is light years out of the box.

This is something that is usually whispered, but now you have read about it.

Ruefully yours,
The Copywriter


If the nuances of the design and digital industry are one huge boulder, we don’t want to be Sisyphus. We’d rather be the Flintstones.


Licious strives to achieve a level of “misfittery” in the design and digital industry which could become an inspiration for most – if not all – future studios popping out of cubby-holes to never belong to the confinement of a solitary notion or trend.

Our modus operandi in terms of procuring this position includes deriving from globally identified methodologies and combining them with ideas and innovations born and bred within the red-painted walls of our own studio.



Prashannt Kapur, a.k.a. “Mr Perfectionist”, is one of the Promoters of Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Ltd. and holds the position of Sr. Vice President in the company. He is also a Trustee at Dewan Harnam Das Saraswati Devi Trust. With his formal education in Economics and Business Management from Kingston University (United Kingdom) and a sharp business acumen honed through 15+ years of experience in the bicycle and steel industry, Prashannt gives Licious its Administrative and Strategic planning edge. He is a true-blue Punjabi with an extensive culinary knowledge and a sophisticated palate. He owns every colour of Nehru jacket possible, and you can check out some of the more eclectic colours by popping into our studio.


Farah is the founder of Licious Designs and leads everything design at Licious Designs & Digital. She is your go-to person when you need to get things done. With a strong background in design and a specialisation in Automotive Design with Honours from Coventry University, she has done some ground-breaking work for brands across the world and across platforms. Farah has been nominated among India’s top 50 Most Inspiring Women by Higher Education Plus and #1 in the Automotive Industry. When not at work, you will find her on the badminton court, where she can surely give you a run for your money! It’s probably why we have so many clients from the sports industry…


|Subwoofer| A dynamic creative director who loves photography and long drives; also adores vegetarian food to the point that he was drooling while telling us he adores vegetarian food. He eats and he knows things, yet he believes that learning is a never-ending process.


|Design Chappal|


|Design Chendu| She doesn’t talk much, so we don’t really know her other than the fact that she has a way with the sketching pen and the paper.


|COOE – Chief Officer Of Everything| The Timekeeper, the Keeper of Laws and Resources, she goes by many names. Music, dance and football are things she adores. She says she loves Chinese food, although we haven’t seen her eat any. On the contrary, she hasn’t showered adorations on graphic designing, but has always been keen towards it.


|Piggy Bank| She keeps a closer watch over treasures and vaults than goblins and enchantments ever can. And she does it without a dragon.


|Marketing on Steroids|


|Social Media Chendu| Thinks he is Chandler Bing, which he is, but in a universe where Chandler Bing is a political humourist who gets his posterior kicked every time he touches Photoshop (because he thinks he can design as well). His true passion lies in interesting clients in creative talks, editing videos and reducing bean bags to pancakes.


|Social Media Chappal| She gets her research done like there’s no tomorrow; fights careless clients to submission, which is why we were surprised when she mentioned swimming and drawing as her hobbies – we thought she would be more interested in the martial arts. Presently, the warrior within her is being subdued after being forced to read more books.


|BDSM| Could have been the next Marcel Marceau, but he had to settle with the job of a Business Developer. Every time he heads out for a client meeting, we silently hope his mime skills don’t come out before potential business associates.


|Jugaadu| The only fixer-upper fixer That can fix up a fixer-upper is This guy! Improvisation his middle name, he can sniff a solution even before the problem. Another thing he can sniff from distance is good food.


|Copycat| Apparently, the one who has been forced to write this, because what else are copywriters for?



We work with the pedantry of Tolkien, the romanticism of Blake, the playfulness of an imp. The best part is – diabolical laughter in the background – where we make the brand work! With the kind of creativity and experience you’re about to be introduced to, you won’t bother chipping in some points for yourself every once in a while.


If the answer from your end is a “Yes!”, our question must have been “Are you courageous enough to partake with your brand in a quest that involves innovation, discovery and utter madness.” Your affirmation to the same wins our allegiance!